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Hot Girl's Guide to Bad Taste

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Magazine | Student Work

This magazine was inspired by my own love for "bad" media. There's a certain pressure to like the right things that's especially prevalent in young girlhood. You can't like things no one knows about but you can't like things that are too popular either, only the perfectly balanced trendsetters are allowed to be "cool girls."

For this project I wanted to use a magazine (a medium usually associated with cutting edge trends) to highlight some of the "uncool" media that I have come to enjoy without shame. My favorite part of the process was making the 90's gossip mag inspired flowchart quiz.

Poke around in my InDesign file to see how I organize things! 

Try the flowchart quiz! I wrote all the content for this page myself.

See also: an earlier iteration of this project in an entirely different style.

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