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motion graphics
dynamic branding

Passion Project

Chiptune is a Youtube channel made in collaboration with my roommate Audrey Taylor. We've been making dance cover videos since 2017 on Solstice, and Chiptune is our space as creatives to make more experimental, high-production videos using our combined skills in video editing and motion graphics. We're still at the beginning of this project timeline, but eventually the intro and outro will work their way through 4 different iterations (Start, Select, A, & B) surrounding a retro video game theme which allow it to adapt to different sounds and dance styles. Find us on Youtube here.

Audrey works with footage and I'm in charge of graphics!

Mtv Motion Package

motion graphics
dynamic branding

Student Work

The prompt for this project was to take an existing brand and use their logo to make a motion graphics package. I took inspiration from the iconic Mtv bumpers and my own love for music videos to create a "black hole" themed set of animations. These pieces play with the juxtaposition of chaos and emptiness to evoke an overwhelming and constantly changing environment.

The phrase "too much is never enough was a real mtv tagline
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